Fixing Your Credit is as Sweet as Honey

More clients are requesting to start our credit restoration services. Two clients who just completed our credit restoration process, one is purchasing a home and the other client is refinancing his business. It has been a sweet success for our clients to overcome their personal credit and business credit obstacles; it’s awesome to watch the […]

5 Misconceptions about Credit Repair

If restoring your credit is your priority, do your homework about credit repair companies. Since the internet is so large and diverse, many online companies can mislead you about the “real” credit restoration process. If an agency gives you a sale pitch that 100% of your derogatories will be removed, that statement is false. Small […]

“Life after Bankruptcy!” – 3 Simple Recovery Steps

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire, millionaire, upper-middle class or blue collar.  Bankruptcy doesn’t separate any working class. You may have had a job loss, a decrease of income from your current employer, a divorce, a medical emergency that changed your life forever, a bad business partner or bad real estate investments; […]

Why You Should Keep Your Underwater Primary Home than Opting to Rent

Home values have dropped, your neighbors have walked away from their homes, and you have a mortgage balance that is larger than the value of your property. What are your options other than following the masses of stop paying your mortgage payment and opting to rent. Rent inflation is a result of the large strategic […]

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