A Free Credit Consultation Solved Problem

A potential client was referred to us to improve his credit scores. The client contacted me and sent me a copy his three merge credit report. After reviewing his credit, the client did not need credit restoration services but only credit advice. The potential client had impeccable credit meaning he had no late payment history, no collections, no […]

A Simple Need to Have Good Credit

What are the need to haves than the want to haves when apply for new credit? A need to have would be an auto loan, a business loan, a commercial real estate loan or a home loan. A want to have to apply credit would be a department store credit or another credit card after […]

Keeping Your Personal Credit and Personal Debt Real Simple

Managing your credit and debt is the foundation to your financial success. No matter what the circumstances are, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping Your Personal Credit Simple Example: A client of ours is a business owner who wanted to fine tune his credit for a small business loan. He is […]

Got Business? Got Credit? Got Debt?

Strengthening small businesses is an important component to any economy. Being a successful small business owner is more challenging than ever before, the key factor is staying on top of your personal credit, business credit and overhead, besides succeeding in your business. Got Credit? Credit restrictions are continuing to grow, small business owners are more […]

3 Alternative Business Loans Basics

You have been turned down by your local bank, what are you going to do? First off, get a copy of your three merge credit report, you can order one without a credit inquiry penalty at Equifax.com or Experian or MyFico.  Second, contact us; we are just a phone call away to provide you a […]

Lower Your Debt and Maintain Your Credit during This Holiday Season

Holiday season is right around the corner, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, who doesn’t like gifts? At any time, your creditor can reduce your available line of credit; their decision is based upon your overall credit history and your total monthly debt that is reported to the credit bureaus. Blooming Looming Inventory Day to day, we […]

New Business Credit Starts First With Personal Credit

Personal credit is your tangible asset for life; why not take care of it?  Everything starts with personal credit, including business finance. As a business owner, maintaining your personal credit is the key to flexible financing.  With current lending restrictions, many lenders require a three merge credit report besides your business credit report.  Lenders use […]

We Go the Extra Mile and it’s Never Crowded

Most of our leads originate from our affiliates and past clients, approximately 5% of our business derives from the internet. We utilize the internet for our online presence, that’s all. Our online presences are tools for our potential clients to “Google” us, read our articles online, and view our “real” testimonials and recommendations. Our leads […]

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