Customer Testimonials First Pro Capital

“If we don’t deliver results, there is no marketplace, there are no testimonials, there are no recommendations and there are no referrals. We deliver results, otherwise, First Pro Capital and Credit Consulting Professionals wouldn’t be in business this long.” -Tagrid Shunia, President

“Tagrid provides a fresh approach to the financial challenges we all face today. I have had the pleasure to combine our efforts to achieve common goals in the realm of Short Sales with excellent success. Her expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed in this field. She has replaced the “Can Do” mantra with “It’s Already Done”.”

K.M, Realtor Associate, Naples FL

“You’re the FIRST on my list,  you’re great to work with.”

B. G, Realtor, Naples FL

“I am very impressed with the valuable outcome of my credit restoration process. I have rebuilt my credit and purchased a new vehicle with my new credit scores. Before, I was unable to qualify for an auto loan and new credit cards that I have now.”

A.A.G, Independent Contractor, Naples FL

“Tagrid helped me with my personal credit circumstance that was an outcome of a divorce, she was diligent in delivering the results I needed to purchase my home. “

A.R, Business Owner, Bonita Springs FL

“We want to thank you for your work on our behalf. This is not our first rodeo and both of us are knowledgeable about the way the world works. We are extremely impressed by your professionalism”

H.H.K, Retired Judge, Naples FL

“I have worked with Tagrid on many occasions, she was prompt, extremely helpful and delivered results. Anytime I have a credit concern, I call Tagrid for her expert advice.”

M.C.D, Business Owner, Fort Myers FL

” I was in the process of purchasing a new car, I checked my credit and noticed one of my creditors recently erroneously reported me late on my credit report. I contacted my commercial banker for a referral and called Tagrid immediately.  Within less than 14 days of my credit restoration process, my credit scores are back to good status.”

J.C.G, Business Owner, Naples FL

“Tagrid’s company upgraded my credit for home buying, I am happy with my results and how I was treated throughout the credit restoration process.”

V.T, Executive Chef, Naples FL

“Tagrid is my go to person for any credit concerns that I have, she worked on my credit after a short sale, the results were beyond my expectations.”

M.A.T, Licensed Realtor, Naples FL

“We did not realize our credit scores needed boosting for business lending. Thanks to Tagrid, my partners and I are now able to get financing for our business.”

J.D, Business Owner, Cape Coral FL

“I met Tagrid through a mortgage broker in Naples FL, I needed fast results because of my closing date. I appreciate all that Tagrid has done and am very grateful of the credit results.”

T.B.C, Customer Service Director, Naples FL 

“I have witnessed the results Tagrid brings to her clients, she is very diligent with her work.”

B.B, Retired Financial Advisor, Naples FL

“Thank you so much for all your work, it seem to do the job, got the SBA loan and seem to be on the right track.”

A.S, Business Owner, Estero FL

”I was referred by a commercial banker to work with Tagrid on a deficiency. That was one of the best referrals I received, the deficiency was removed off my credit report within 30 days. I was finally able to get financing for my surgery after the right deficiency was removed.”

C.C, Business Owner, Fort Myers, FL

“Teresa and I are finally closing on our home, we could not do it without your help. Thank You!”

E.R.G, Fort Myers FL

“I enjoyed working with Tagrid more than working with my attorney and mortgage broker.”

K.S.W, Fort Myers, FL

“I, P. J have used Tagrid Shunia’s services and am extremely pleased with the outcome. I would recommend her to any of my friends and clients who might need the service that she provides.”

P. Jepson, Fort Myers  FL

“Tagrid is a true professional and advocates on your behalf. She doesn’t leave a stone unturned and is very thorough! If you hire Tagrid, you won’t be disappointed.”

S.H.K, Fort Myers, FL

“I received a fast turn time with my credit results.”

M.A.R, North Fort Myers, FL

“My credit scores are now in the 700s, I can finally refinance my jumbo loan”

F.R.L., Fort Myers, FL

“Your work is fantastic, thank you for all the help!”

L. Ashley LLC-Naples, FL

 “You are the BEST, my friend.”

E. P, Realtor Associate, Naples FL

“You are awesome! I refer them all to you”

D.L. C,  Naples, FL

“My wife and I have several properties to short sell.  We contacted Tagrid (what a blessing) on the advice of our tax accountant/CPA.  She has decisively and PROFESSIONALLY mediated the sale of three of the four properties in less than four months.  One to go.  WAY TO GO, Tagrid!!”

 R. and L. B. Loux, Naples  FL

“We are so appreciative for all the hard work you have done for our family. Thank you Tagrid! ”

J. Kowalski, Marco Island FL

“First Pro Capital recently helped us to negotiate our real estate transaction.  Tagrid was very efficient and professional with communications, and tenacious while dealing with our loan institution.  Tagrid’s knowledge during the process was an advantage for having a successful financial outcome.”

Jensing, Naples, FL

“I recommend Tagrid Shunia, she took good care of my client and is great at what she does, she kept me updated and did a very good job.”

H. Nelson, Realtor Associate, Naples FL

“I have known Tagrid Shunia for 2 years. She is a highly intelligent, assertive, self starter. She is very honest and when she says she is going to do something for you, count on her getting it done on time.”

J. Pershing, Naples FL

“Your performance in cleaning up my credit report was superb!”

L. Novak, Naples FL

“I contacted Tagrid when I first experienced financial difficulties that I thought would best be handled by a professional. Tagrid handled my case in an expert manner, contacting financial institutions on my behalf, arranging conference calls, mediating until a solution was agreeable to both parties, and always, with the utmost respect and dignity to all parties involved. Tagrid is intelligent, experienced, and compassionate. Please allow her to handle any business matters you may have. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Thank you Tagrid!

P. Dressler, Naples FL

“Thanks for all you do for me. I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am that my daughter gave me your information. You are a real miracle!”

B. S. A, Palm Beach, FL

“After my business partner and I dissolved the business, I opted into repairing my debt and personal credit. The credit restoration path that Tagrid provided allowed me to settle my debt and restore my credit within a short period of time. Now, I am ready to refinance my home.”

A.M.M, Business Owner, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“When you need a remedy in an area you are not experienced in, you contact a professional. First Pro Capital, Credit Consulting Professionals are exactly that, the professional finance team that gets results. Recommended by a friend and colleague, the team at First Pro Capital , led by Tagrid Shunia, was able to guide, direct, advise and obtain the results I needed for a short sale remedy in my favor. From initial contract with Tagrid’s team to close only took a little less than one month’s time. Call Tagrid today. Do not play “old school” rules in today’s “new rules” game. Get results from the team at First Pro Capital.”

T. Fair, Boca Raton FL

” I have recommended my clients, friends and family to First Pro Capital and Credit Consulting Professionals, they do a great job with debt negotiations and provide exceptional service.”

R. S, Boca Raton FL

“I referred Tagrid Shunia to my friends, family and business associates. Before Tagrid’s company, I went to a previous credit restoration that took my monthly fee and did nothing for five months. I complained to Tagrid how the other credit restoration just took fees, she immediately helped me and discounted the amount to make the process fair.”

D.C, Business Owner, Hollywood FL

“After relocating from New York, two years ago, I was referred to Tagrid through a friend. I was in the mid 600s, now my credit scores are in the low 700s. My wife and I are finally ready and able to refinance our home with a low interest rate that we were seeking. Thank you Tagrid.”

S.K.Y, Business Owner, Fort Lauderdale FL

“Tagrid Shunia, CEO of First Pro Capital, has an amazing work ethic and really knows her stuff.  She acted on our behalf and took care of business. Tagrid has extensive background in finance, business loans and credit matters. She gets 5 stars and two thumbs up from Get Found Now.”

V. Stankard, SEO Expert, Tampa FL

“Attempting to find financing, especially in the climate we’re in now, can be very frustrating and time consuming. Tagrid was a pleasure to work with and took much of the stress out of the process. She is very knowledgeable about the products she works with, and even more importantly she follows through to make sure everything and everyone is working smoothly. I would highly recommend Tagrid to anyone who is in need of finding financing.”

A. Albano,  Valrico FL

“I cannot believe all the work  and dedication you put into this file.”

K.R.S, Vero Beach, FL

“I have been working with Tagrid since 2015, any time I refer her a client, the restoration work gets done fast.”

J.M.C, Commercial Lender, Newport Beach CA

“Tagrid helped us navigate our businesses through the COVID-19 lockdowns, it has been a challenge, her problem solving strategies steered my companies to better directions.”

S.N.K, Business Owner, Greater Los Angeles CA

“I have worked with Tagrid to get my credit scores well enough for a new SBA loan. She was very kind and met my escrow deadline, for the purchase of my new commercial real estate property.”

D.K, Business Owner, Los Angeles CA

“Thank you Tagrid for the job well done!”

A.P, CFO, Los Angeles CA

“Tagrid does great work in helping clients restore their personal and business credit, I have seen the results myself with this company’s credit restoration process.”

T.G.H, Commercial Real Estate Services, La Jolla CA

“I was given Tagrid’s name by my commercial banker, I am so impressed with the results that she provided for me.”

J.C.H, CPA, Business Owner, Greater Los Angeles CA

“I promised Tagrid that I would refer my friends and family to her because of the outstanding work she did to my business credit”

Dr. R.N, Laguna Hills CA

“I highly recommend Tagrid Shunia for credit restoration services, I was so impressed with the results, I am referring her company to my friends and family.”

E.E.V, Business Owner, West Hills CA

“I was referred to Tagrid by my commercial banker, I wanted to fine tune my credit before applying for a business loan. I preferred my scores to be in the 700s, I obtained the credit scores I wanted withing 21 business days. I appreciated how quickly my credit scores went up in such a short time frame.”

S.E.M, Business Owner, Tarzana CA

“Outstanding work each and every time for my clients.”

K.D, Newport Beach CA

“Can I tell you how impressed I am by the way you work!”

C.K, Irvine CA

“Tagrid assisted my father and I with a business debt, thank you is not enough.”

B.G.H, Independent Contractor, Huntington Beach CA 

“I have known Tagrid for over two years. As a real estate broker and a former real estate commissioner, she is very professional and knowledgeable with credit, she gets the job done.”

J.M.D, Real Estate Broker, Monterey  CA

“Tagrid helped me solve a number of incorrect credit entries and worked through the whole process from beginning to end. She also helped me deal with nasty creditors trying to collect bogus debts. If you want solutions to your credit problems and don’t have the time to track down, then you’re best bet is to work with Tagrid Shunia.”

J. Dougherty, Morgan Hill CA

“I just want to let everyone know how I really appreciate Tagrid’s help, my credit scores went up by 118 points, within less than one month.”

A.G.D, Mortgage Specialist, Scottsdale AZ

“I met Tagrid through my brother who lives in Florida. We now consider her a part of our family, with all the good financial services she provided for my family and myself.”

A.J.C, Freelancer, Brooklyn NY

“I was trying to short my home in Naples, Florida, and without her help I don’t know what I would have done.  She was honest, helpful and sincere all through the long process.  She was always there to answer any of my questions right to the end. She walked me through all the paper work with great patience.  I would highly recommend Tagrid Shunia to anyone with similar needs.”

Jeanine C, Long Island  New York

“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. You rock!!!”

D. K, Business Owner, Port Jefferson Sta. NY

“It was required to fix my credit before financing a commercial building. After working with Tagrid, I referred my family members and friends who needed assistance in business and credit restoration. The process was organized and detailed that resulted in quick turn times. My new credit score is above 700, which approved my commercial loan.”

D.D.T, Business Owner, Chicago IL

“Tagrid relates very well with her clients, understands her field and is an expert. She helps the client feel at ease and is very thorough and provides excellent service, I would always recommend her services.”

T.P Scott, Chicago IL

“Tagrid,  I would like to take the time to Thank You! My experience with yourself and First Pro Capital has been GREAT!  When I first contacted you I felt extremely comfortable and confident that my debt would be paid off and resolved in a short amount of time. You are very educated in this process, and that was great when you were explaining everything that we need to do to achieve the final goal of paying off this debt. It was easy and quick. I am very grateful that you were able to help me and my new family out. My wife and I just had our first child and we were able to pay off the debt and not have it affect our life in any way. My wife and I are looking for homes now, and Tagrid has been very helpful in explaining what we could afford. I would highly recommend Tagrid Shunia and First Pro Capital to anyone that has any issues with any outstanding debt and credit.”

K.J H, Chicago IL

“You’re the Best!”

George J. T,  Commercial Real Estate Services, Chicago IL

“I would highly recommend First Pro Capital to anyone who needs a professional to stand by them during the long and drawn out process of dealing with banks today.  Tagrid and her staff were consummate professionals and got the job done quickly and efficiently.  I highly suggest that you hire them if you find yourself in need of help. Thank you First Pro Capital!”

 J. A. P, Chicago  IL

“We have worked with Tagrid for several years, she is one of the best at keeping contact, providing necessary information and closing loans. We have referred her to all of our investors that we work with and they have all thanked us.”

E. Miller, Chicago IL

“I am very grateful for Tagrid”s generosity. I was on the shadows of bankruptcy, that was when I contacted a friend in Milwaukee who recommended Tagrid.  Thanks to Tagrid, not only did I settle my distress debt, I am now able to refinance my home and not proceed with a Chapter 7.

J.E, Business Owner, Milwaukee WI

”I met Tagrid through my mortgage lender, I had a downfall after my divorce. My credit restoration results were phenomenal, I am now able to purchase a home. After working with Tagrid, I consider her a friend.”

N. J. N, Greater Milwaukee WI

“Thank you Tagrid for a great job increasing the credit score of the Doctor who works for me. He is now able to buy the practice from me, by the way it is a six figure sale. The Doctor will have the life of his dreams.”

Dr. M. V, Dyer IN

“I have worked with Ms. Shunia and have found her to be very thorough, timely and precise in her ability to access a client’s needs and provide solutions to those needs.”

G. Allie, CPA Rensselaer, IN 

“I have been doing business with Tagrid Shunia for over 10 years; she has always gone the extra mile to make the even most difficult transactions close. I have repeatedly referred customers to Tagrid because I know she gets the job done.”

“I known Tagrid Shunia to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient….She helped me on a large number of my investment transactions. She works very hard to make things go quickly and smoothly as possible.”

R. Ballinger, La Porte IN

“Tagrid has provided exceptional service for my clients and my own personal business….If you’re looking for someone who has patience, professionalism and closes efficiently, call Tagrid.”

R. Shorts, Hammond IN

“Tagrid has exhibited vast knowledge at all levels of the industry. Her acumen and ability to diffuse the tensions of stressed Buyers and Sellers has contributed to effective communication, problem analysis, and resolutions from common to complex in nature.”

J. LaRue, Realtor, Livonia MI

“I was thrilled with our entire experience with you!  You possess the knowledge, tenacity, and contacts to get the job done.”

M. Jauregui, Grand Rapids MI

“Thanks so much, you are a blessing.”

S. Lofton, Detroit MI

“I have known Tagrid for over 6 years…..Tagrid pretty much held my hand through the whole process and never left me in the dark about what was next or what to expect. I was also impressed with her attitude and her work devotion that just recently she assisted me again in refinancing….I truly recommends her services to anyone who is interested in having a professional who is caring and knows her job!”

E. Torres, Detroit MI

“My name is Kay Chang Hur; I have known Tagrid since 1999. Tagrid has helped me with several transactions of mine. Even if I relocated to Seoul Korea, I still contact Tagrid for financial advice.”

K. Chang Hur, Ann Arbor MI-Seoul Korea

“I’m very happy with Tagrid Shunia and my new much cleaner credit report! I would recommend her to anyone.”

D. Page, Canton MI

“I rarely send Thank yous for support, but I think Tagrid is an exception. She was an absolute joy, demonstrated such a professional, yet friendly and informative character. She was helpful, friendly and had an attitude about her that made me feel that my loan was her personal priority! She gave a sense of urgency to the process, which I feel was necessary! She deserves any and all accolades!! I will recommend her services to all my family and friends.”

S. Qadir, Bloomfield Hills MI

Previously, I went with a more expensive loan modification company because I heard you should not jeopardize your home by shopping price. The company I originally chose wasted 2 months and due to their neglect, I had to go to a chapter 13 to stop the sale. Tagrid was referred by a friend in the real-estate industry. Tagrid was tenacious and got things done. I was so pleased with her results that I am going to use all of her services to improve my financial picture. I have highly recommended Tagrid to my friends that are struggling with their mortgages.”

Thanks Tagrid!

B. Sauser, Chicago IL-Detroit MI

“Tagrid, Thank You for being so professional in your handling of my credit matters, as well as the friends of mine whom you have helped as well..

With credit being such an integral part of today’s survival techniques , it is a pleasure to have someone such as yourself there to lead people through this maze and help get their credit repaired .”

Thanks Again,

R. Willison, Atlanta GA

“A good friend of mine referred me to Credit Consulting Professionals for credit restoration and debt settlements. After one year of enrollment with Credit Consulting Professionals, my credit scores have increased by 300%. Credit restoration is not an overnight process, it takes time and dedication to restore your credit.”

D. Godfrey, Cary NC

“Since I have contacted Tagrid Shunia of First Pro Capital, all negative and inaccurate reporting has been removed from all three credit reporting bureau’s and my credit rating has never been higher.  With Tagrid Shunia involved as my credit financial adviser, I can rest easy at night knowing that I am guarded against identity theft and my credit rating will remain high.   Tagrid Shunia has proven to me that she has the communicative skills, financial knowledge, and the drive of hard work to get the job done!  I would recommend the services of Tagrid Shunia of First Pro Capital to anyone for all financial needs.”

R. Pollock, Raleigh, NC

“Tagrid is a consummate professional who delivers positive results for her clients. Her strong analytical skills and business contacts allow her to quickly find financial solutions for her clients. She’s thorough and is an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

M. Buck, Real Estate Broker, Castle Pines CO

“Tagrid, you do a great job and I would recommend you as number one.”

S. Marshall, Crossville TN

“I would recommend Tagrid Shunia for her professional and efficient work she does in all areas of finance.  I have used Tagrid and First Pro Capital for a number of projects with the most recent being a working capital loan.  I have had nothing but positive results. ”

J.S. Holdings Tulsa, OK

“Thank you and First Pro Capital again for all of your help in guiding me through the short sale process. Without your help I would never have believed this day would come. It was your knowledge, dedication and 24/7 availability that made this possible. I can now move on with my life and will certainly recommend you to all my friends.”

B. Funk, Richmond VA



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