Who Qualifies for Credit Restoration?

Credit restoration is for professionals who inquire on improving their personal credit and business credit because they are interested in expansion, purchasing new inventory, new real estate or reducing overhead by obtaining new business financing. Majority of our clients are business owners who we serve and appreciate. The following is a list of examples for professional business owners who explore personal credit restoration and business credit restoration, for what reasons. The quickest way to review your personal credit is simply logging into Experian or Equifax The simplest route to review your business credit report is go to Equifax Business, Experian Business Credit and Dun and Bradstreet

A business owner who is interested in tweaking or fine-tuning his personal credit and business credit prior to any type of business financing to help grow his business or to reduce overhead or sell his business and move on to the next venture. 

A real estate investor that would like to purchase more homes, expand his real estate portfolio and get a reduced rate for financing. 

A real estate broker who inquires for more working capital and would like to expand their real estate business and office

A family member who is a son or daughter of a business owner who needs assistance in building and restoring their personal credit and in some cases business credit restoration too.

An insurance agent who is an independent or a business owner that needs to expand his or her business, he or she may need a short term personal loan or short term business loan for working capital

An accountant or CPA that would like to fine-tune or restore his or her personal credit because he or she would like to refinance their home or refinance their office condo or office building. 

A doctor is interested in increasing his or her credit scores to obtain a lower interest-rate for a business loan in order to either build a new office building, renovate an office building or purchase a brand new office building with new equipment. 

A builder or contractor may be interested in credit restoration because they would like to fine-tune or restore their personal credit and business credit before any type of business lending, he would like to purchase new equipment because his company is expanding. 

An electrician is interested in personal credit restoration and business credit restoration because he would like to lease more vehicles for his electrical business and get a decent interest rate for auto financing

An attorney would like to buy a bigger home for his family but wants the best interest rate because he’s purchasing a larger home,  in order to do that he must fine-tune his personal credit scores

A divorced spouse that was recently divorced and desires a fresh start by applying for a new residential mortgage. The divorced spouse’s credit is already bruised because of the divorce, he or she is a good candidate for personal credit restoration and obtaining good credit scores prior to any residential lending. The divorced spouse may purchase his or her own new home after the personal credit restoration is completed.

These types of business owners care about their business, personal credit and business credit, otherwise they would not pursue any type of credit help. If we missed your industry, it was not intentional, these industries were simple examples.

For more information on how we can help you with your personal credit restoration or business credit restoration in Palm Beach, and Jupiter FL please fill out the online contact form about your concerns or give us a call at 855.477-9007. Read what our valued clients have to say about First Pro Capital and Credit Consulting Professionals on our Testimonials page.

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