Fixing Your Credit is as Sweet as Honey

More clients are requesting to start our credit restoration services. Two clients who just completed our credit restoration process, one is purchasing a home and the other client is refinancing his business. It has been a sweet success for our clients to overcome their personal credit and business credit obstacles; it’s awesome to watch the […]

Benefits of an Alternative Business Loan

If you’re having problems getting a traditional business loan from your local bank, it may not be a bad idea to explore alternative business lending. Did you not get approved for your business loan because of your personal credit and business credit? As a business owner, here is what you can do: Repair your personal […]

What We Do and Don’t Do with Our Credit Restoration Services

More and more clients are referred to Credit Consulting Professionals Inc. by the day; it’s because of our proven results, our great service and real solutions. We owe our success to our clients, our past clients and our affiliates who continue to refer us business. We have free information on our site to help you […]

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