6 Ways to Win Better Credit Scores

6 Ways to Win Better Credit Scores

Whether you’re a millionaire, upper middle class, white collar, blue collar or middle class, everyone needs to maintain good credit by tweaking it or restoring credit.  Utilize the following six ways to instantly win a better credit score:

  1. Check your credit report:  Go to Equifax  or Experian , you will not be penalized for a credit inquiry. Always check your credit, just in case there maybe some erroneous reporting with your creditors. If you’re planning to finance a home, car or business, inspect your credit report a minimum of 60 days prior to applying for a loan.
  1. Lower your credit card balances:  It’s always good to reduce your credit card balances. Do not be tempted in obtaining new credit, when you honestly don’t need more. Always utilize “the need to have”  than “the nice to have” credit rule.
  1. Pay your bills on time:  The most important factor in determining your credit score. Did you know credit counseling companies are horrible for your credit rating? While you are paying the monthly fee to the credit counseling company, your creditors are continuing in reporting you as late.  In some cases, credit counseling activity on your credit report is classified as derogatory like a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
  1. Pay off or Settle your Distressed Debt:  If you have the ability to pay off your debt, just do it, don’t wait at the eleventh hour and pay more interest than you need to on your credit card balances, especially when you know you have the ability to pay them off sooner.
  1. No New Credit Inquiries: Shopping for a car or a new home or a new business loan? Don’t shop too much, excessive credit inquiries negatively impacts your credit score.
  1. Call us for a Free Thorough Consultation: At anytime, call us for our expertise in business credit, personal credit and distressed debt, we will provide you with a free analysis.

Maintaining good personal credit is the key to your financial success and business!

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