Your Credit is Your Report Card for Everything

Your Credit is Your Report Card for Everything

Take Warren Buffet’s advice, owning a home is better than renting one. In this market, even renting a home requires good credit. If you have good credit, why not own a home?

Your credit scores are viewed constantly, like a report card in everyday life. I have summarized six important topics of obtaining and retaining good credit.

1. Purchasing a home and maintaining one requires good credit.

2. Renting a home, requires good credit. Reconsider your strategic default on your property; you may not be qualified to rent one.

3. Auto Insurance Premiums, good credit allows you the opportunity for lower insurance rates.

4. Auto Loan Specials, whether it’s a lease or purchase special, dealerships seek good credit applicants.

5. Loan Officer License, you must have decent credit scores to obtain your loan officer license. Realtors don’t be surprised this rule will pertain to you as well, in the near future.

6. Job Application, Corporate America chooses good credit candidates over bad credit candidates

You may not realize,  keeping bad credit is more expensive than having good credit. Good credit saves you time and money.

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