6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Credit and Personal Credit Scores

Your personal credit is your tangible asset for life. Your personal credit is a factor in making a sound underwriting decision for a business loan. Keeping your personal credit separate from your business credit is the foundation of a sound business. 

Six Quick Tips to Improve your Business Credit Score:

  • Pay your suppliers and vendors on time
  • Pay your business loan and/or commercial real estate loan on time
  • Pay off and settle any open business collection accounts
  • Settle outstanding judgments and tax liens that appear on your business credit report
  • Review your UCC Filings, past and present
  • Avoid derogatory reporting , work with your creditors, inform them if there are problems

Six Quick Tips to Improve Personal Credit Scores:

  • Don’t be late on your mortgage payment
  • Minimize department store credit cards
  • Don’t go over your available balance on your credit cards, try to keep your balances 35% or less of your credit limit. Going over your credit limit, reduces your credit scores
  • Don’t be tempted with increasing credit card offers. Multiple credit card offers can lead you to spend more and having unnecessary revolving lines of credit which may result to overextended debt.
  • Use the “need to have” rule than the “want to have”.
  • Try to avoid new collection accounts and charge offs, work with your creditors

Quick, simple and easy tips for your business credit score and personal credit scores.

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