Managing Your Business Debt and Maintaining Your Business Credit like Your Workout

Managing Your Business Debt and Maintaining Your Business Credit like Your Weight

“Being a small business owner in this economic market is quite challenging. In fact, small businesses make up 99.7% of all employer firms; pay 44% of total US private payroll, have generated 64 percent of net new jobs over the past 15 years and 52 percent are home- based businesses.” (Source:

Managing Your Business Debt and Maintaining Your Business Credit is Like Balancing Your Weight

The small business owner must carry out the right proportions of debt and credit for his/her business. You must limit your debt proportions or your business will turn unbalanced, in other words, “overweight” with debt. Once you’re overweight (over extended with debt) and carrying that extra weight (debt), consider the following:

  • Workout and sweat off  that distressed debt that you have been holding onto.
  • Consult with a credit expert and debt specialist who will place you into the right program to help you lose that excess distressed debt that you have been carrying around for months or possibly years
  • Time is money, are your financial workouts reducing your debt and securing your company for future expansion?
  • Did you complete the workout that is accomplishing your distressed debt settlements, business credit restoration and personal credit restoration programs?
  • Are you effectively reorganizing your business and reducing your overhead and strengthening your accounts receivable?

Food for Thought

Keep your business debt load in small amounts and keep your business line of credit simple, like an asset based loan or an SBA Loan

If you need assistance with alternative business financing, please contact us for our portfolio asset based loans and portfolio accounts receivable loans and other alternative business loans that are available to our clients.

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