Business Owners Need Good Business Credit and Personal Credit

Business Owner Need Good Business Credit and Personal Credit

I am pleased to say majority of our customers are self-employed small business owners.  Working with self-employed small business owners is great!  You can always check your business credit by ordering a business credit report with Experian Business  Dun and Bradstreet  and Equifax Business , which is highly recommended. If you find any flaws or concerns that appear on your business credit report, simply email or contact me for a free credit consultation. Our credit consultations are always free and very thorough! During the credit restoration process, there are step by step guidelines that customers need to maintain; otherwise you won’t get the credit results that are anticipated or achieved:

  1. No new credit inquiries
  2. No new credit, this includes increasing your credit card balances
  3. No new late payments or collections during the credit restoration process
  4. Monitor your personal credit with Equifax or Experian

Also, keep your personal credit cards separate from your small business expenses.

For more information on how we can locally help you fix your business credit and personal credit in Naples FL and Fort Myers FL and Bonita Springs FL please fill out the online contact form about your concerns or give us a call at 855.477-9007. Read what our valued clients have to say about First Pro Capital and Credit Consulting Professionals on our Testimonials page.

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