Are you in “Generation Rent” or in the “Homeownership Society?”

 Are you in "Generation Rent" or in the "Homeownership Society?"

Generation Rent” consists of the strategic defaulters, the employee that lost a job or had a significant pay cut, loss of income of a business owner, and the young professional that just graduated from college.

The “Homeownership Society” lives and breathes the American dream of becoming a homeowner. Currently, a number of individuals are undetermined whether or not they want to stay in “Generation Rent,” which is not fun!  In fact, you pay more to stay in “Generation Rent“. You pay for the demand to rent versus the demand to buy and as a result, there is an epidemic of rent inflation.

Eliminate “Generation Rent” and get Back to the Beneficial “Homeownership Society”

As a Realtor, loan officer, mortgage broker, financial consultant, attorney, CPA or credit consultant, it’s our job to inform clients that “buying is better than renting.”  If your client decides to rent, advise them to temporarily rent and get out of “Generation Rent” as quickly as possible and get into the “Homeownership Society” again.

Recovering your financials and credit as fast as possible will get you out of “Generation Rent.”  Homeownership is not for everyone, but consider the benefits of homeownership versus renting, if you are considering  strategic default.

Homeownership Society” needs the sub-prime a.k.a alternative financing programs to have more favorable buyers purchasing real estate again and there is a vast amount of real estate inventory that needs homeowners. With the new lending restrictions and eliminating loan programs, it’s more challenging to get financed. The re-vamp sub-prime will obviously have new regulations, with less exposure to foreclosure.

Remember, “Homeownership Society“, FHA and USDA is still an opportunity to purchase a home right now. Why not take advantage of today’s low interest rates and affordable real estate prices!

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