Alternative Business Solutions for Business Debt

Alternative Business Solutions for Business Debt

We provide valuable alternative business solutions for the self-employed.  It can been a challenge for many small business and mid-size business owners during a buyout of business partner or growing pains of your business.  Today more and more business owners are opting to alternative business solutions like fixing business credit, solving distressed business debt and utilizing a short term alternative business loan for cash flow.

Alternative Business Credit

If your small business can’t get financed, consider a micro business loan, it’s an alternative small business loan that can be renewed after the maturity date.  A micro business loan is a 6-12 month term which is based upon your business bank account’s average balance and your personal credit.

A factoring loan helps several small business owners with working capital, business expansion and consolidating business debt. It’s an alternative small business loan that is not available in retail banks. Factoring healthy accounts receivable maybe your next business loan alternative.  A factoring loan is also renewable at the end of the loan term.

An asset based loan is based upon your tangible assets, your business accounts receivable, your business credit score and your personal credit. An asset based loan is a business line of credit amortized for three to five years. We do not compete with retail banks on asset based loans, our asset based loan programs are more flexible with the types of industries and sometimes credit than retail banks. Ex) Some manufacturing companies have difficulties getting financed for an asset based loan with a local lender, where as our lenders welcome most manufacturing companies.

Our wholesale SBA lender is very flexible with types of industries. Some industries will get penalized with a lower loan to value, that is not a bad thing, especially when other SBA lenders decline an industry because it is considered a high risk industry. Our company offers a very aggressive SBA 7(a) program.

Business Debt Solutions

It’s not fun when a mid-size business or small business files a Chapter 11 pre-petition, administrative claim, and post petition claim against a debtor who filed  a Chapter 11.  Getting your money back on  invoices that are owed to your company is challenging, because there are other creditors settling their payoffs too. Instead of waiting and anticipating for your invoices to be paid by a company who filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, why not sell your pre-petition claim, your Chapter 11 administrative claim and your post petition claim to one of our third party vendors. Our company will arrange and prepare your entire transaction, and have our third party vendor sell your pre-petition, administrative claim and post petition claim on your behalf and your approval at a discounted value. It’s better to receive some of your money back than no money at all. Time is money; your company cannot afford wasted time, opt in to sell your Chapter 11 Claims.

Reducing and solving your business debt will improve your business credit score with Experian Business, Dun and Bradstreet’s Paydex score and Equifax Business Credit. If your company has outstanding collections or charge offs, select an expert to settle your business collection accounts, business charge off accounts, deficiencies and fix your business credit report. It is very important to have a good business credit score and overall good personal credit

Get the best service and quick results that your business deserves with our alternative business solutions and business credit repair!

For more information on how we can settle business debt and business credit restoration locally in Palm Beach FL and Jupiter FL, please fill out the online contact form about your concerns or give us a call at 855.477.9007. Read what our valued clients have to say about First Pro Capital on our Testimonials page.

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