Preparing Your Personal Credit for Business Financing

Preparing Your Personal Credit for Business Financing

There are simple steps to get your personal credit ready for business financing. A large number of small business owners do not realize their personal credit is not quite up to par to finance their business. Some small business owners need tweaking their personal credit and some need a full personal credit restoration. Before you obtain more credit inquiries on your credit that are unnecessary, please follow these quick steps to prep up your personal credit for small business financing:

Check Your Personal Credit

Check your personal credit at Equifax or Experian or MyFico, simply order a three merge credit report and review your credit without getting penalized for a credit inquiry. If you see erroneous reportings or if you believe your personal credit needs tweaking or a full credit restoration, call an expert to fix your credit report.

Reduce Balances

If you have a good amount of credit cards, please reduce the balance at least by 30% of what is available on your credit line. For example: You have a $10,000 credit card availability with MasterCard, your current balance is $7,500, reducing your balance to $3,000 will improve your credit scores. If you already made a payment for your credit card and used your card again, you may want to make an additional payment before your commercial loan officer pulls your credit report. You may ask your creditor when their cutoff date is for reporting to the credit bureaus.

Reduce Credit Inquiries

I have seen great damage on credit reports with unauthorized credit inquiries. Each time a credit inquiry is pulled from a financial institution, your credit score drops

Get Referred

There is no need to internet shop your business loan, it is always best to meet your commercial loan officer in person or get referred to one by your business associate(s), your friend(s) or family member(s).  A referral to a commercial loan officer also reduces the risk of identity theft.

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