Fixing Business Credit and Personal Credit Who What and Why

Fixing Business Credit and Personal Credit Who What and Why

If you’re a small business owner, you understand that it is important to keep good business credit and personal credit. Who and why should a small business owner trust to fix their business credit or personal credit? Good question, what company you would choose:

Company A: There are a number of online generic credit restoration companies that use software for computer generated credit disputes.  Besides having a computer system scan your credit report and spit out your credit disputes, you also have to pay a non-refundable processing fee, a setup fee, and the monthly fee, the credit consultation is not free.

Company B: There are very few small credit boutique firms that use hands on, thorough credit disputes which are processed manually because not every person has the identical credit issue, each person is different.  Our credit dispute techniques are very thorough and much tailored for each client’s circumstances, whether it’s fixing business credit or fixing personal credit.

What is the correct answer? The answer is company B. you don’t want to waste time or money with a company that will take your credit report, scan it through a computer software system, spit out the generic disputes and charge you the junk fees without even providing you a free credit consultation.

For more information on how we can help you fix your business credit and personal credit in Naples FL and Fort Myers FL and Bonita Springs FL please fill out the online contact form about your concerns or give us a call at 855.477-9007. Read what our valued clients have to say about First Pro Capital and Credit Consulting Professionals on our Testimonials page.

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