Four C’s of Credit Repair


It’s common to take some type of C supplements, as well, there are four C’s to supplement your credit repair program.


Going over your credit card limits impacts your credit scores.  Keep your credit card balances 35% or under your credit limit will provide you the maximum advantage of boosting your scores.  Also, you must stay current with all your accounts during the credit restoration process; otherwise, being late on your payments during the credit repair process defeats the purpose of restoring credit.


Order your credit report at Equifax or Experian before you make that purchase on a new home, car, boat and etc. Checking your credit directly with the credit bureau’s site will prevent you from being penalized with a hard credit inquiry. In other words, you will not be penalized for a credit inquiry if you order your credit report with the credit bureaus.


Once you capture the erroneous credit reporting off your credit report, or you just simply want to fine tune or restore your credit, consult with a customized credit restoration company. We provide a free thorough credit analysis to all, just send us a copy of your three merge credit report that you purchased from Equifax or Experian.


How do I contribute to my credit restoration process? First of all, we ask our clients not to have any new late payments, charge offs, collections or new credit inquiries during the credit restoration process. If you want the best results in restoring or tuning-up your credit, participate with our hands on manual credit restoration program. Furthermore, we ask all of our clients to enroll with Equifax or Experian’s credit monitoring, it is free and the credit monitoring will allow you and us to stay up to date with your current accounts. 

Remember, your credit is a valuable asset for life.

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