Four Alerts to Protect Your Personal Credit Information

Four Alerts to Protect Your Personal Credit Information

More and more credit scams, hacking, website compromises, and impostor scams are heading our way. What should a consumer do to protect their personal credit with all these scams that are all over the planet?

Never Give Your Personal Information to an Incoming Call from a Credit Card Company

An impostor maybe contacting you stating you can raise your credit limit but they need all your personal information to approve you. Do not converse with this type of call at all. First of all, a credit card company will never call you to increase your credit line and ask you for your personal information because they already have your personal information. Secondly, the creditor may increase your credit line without your knowledge because of your good payment history and decent utilization of your card. Also, if you were not automatically offered an increase for your credit card, you personally would have to call your creditor and request for one.

Never Inquire for a Business Loan Online

All too often there have been bait websites for business owners to apply for a business loan, it is a bogus application and their personal information and bank account information get stolen.  When the perpetrator baits your personal information, he creates a false identification with your name on it and cashes out your bank account, because he has copies of your bank statements.  This type of fraud actually happened to a client of mine that was out a total amount of $72,000. Always get referred to a commercial loan officer from a local bank for a conforming business loan or a commercial broker for alternative business financing

Never Give Your Personal Information to Robo Calls or Call Back 800 Number Text Messages

Beware of health insurance, life insurance and auto insurance robocalls, most likely they are a bait to get your personal information and steal your identity. The most common fictitious robocalls state they are from Blue Cross Blue Shield In addition, if you receive text messages from an unfamiliar phone number regarding your credit card, do not contact that number. Instead, call the customer service number located on your credit card or statement and inquire if there are any issues with your account.

IRS Scams

IRS does not initiate any emails, social media or text messages, thousands of people lost millions of dollars due to an IRS tax scam. Avoid providing your personal information to any so called IRS agent that is contacting you and asking you to pay off a collection. The latest IRS tax scam is a letter from the IRS stating that you owe them money. My suggestion is contact your CPA and have him or her initiate the calls with the IRS to check if you do or do not owe that amount of money. The types of IRS scams are located on the IRS website

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