3 Alternative Business Loans Basics

3 Alternative Business Loans Basics

You have been turned down by your local bank, what are you going to do? First off, get a copy of your three merge credit report, you can order one without a credit inquiry penalty at Equifax.com or Experian or MyFico.  Second, contact us; we are just a phone call away to provide you a free consultation regarding your business credit and personal credit. Before you contact any one, consider the three simple alternative business loans basics:

 1. Check Your Credit

Check your personal credit and your business credit; separate your personal credit from your business credit, don’t mix the two together For Example: Using your personal credit card for business expenditures. Do not assume you can avoid personal credit blemishes when you’re applying for an alternative business loan, in most cases; it’s a requirement for the loan process. If your personal credit isn’t in tip-top shape, call us for a free thorough credit consultation. If you don’t have business credit for your business, start with a business credit card; ensure that it fits into your total monthly business expenses.

 2. You have Alternatives

What is the difference between our business loans and local banks?  Local banks are considered “retail” lenders, it’s A Plus paper financing  is at its finest, and we don’t compete with them. If your type of business does not fit into a local bank’s criteria, select alternative business financing as short term. Our products are not available on the retail side, our lenders are “wholesale” lenders, and they are legitimate and not fly by night. We don’t work with just one lender as you would with a local bank; we have the ability to find a solution for your business loan through our preferred lenders.  We do not have upfront broker fees, we refer you to an actual lender. We have an array of alternative business loans like asset based lending, factoring loans, healthcare financing, purchase order financingSBA and micro business loans on the “wholesale” side. We have helped a number of doctors with our “wholesale” SBA program ; they were turned down by a “retail” local bank’s SBA.

 3. The longer You Wait, the Harder it Gets

If you have a decent business with less than perfect credit for some reason, it is time to fix it.  The sooner you organize your personal credit and business credit, the easier it will be for you to obtain an alternative business loan or traditional business lending

The choice is yours, you decide.

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