Having Good Credit Scores has Its Perks

Having Good Credit Scores has Its PerksMore credit crunches are right around the corner. Just because real estate prices are going up, doesn’t mean this economy is in full recovery, in fact, that’s a sign of inflation. Home prices are still a bargain, though you need good credit to finance a home, business, car, personal loan and etc.

Getting the Perks

Acquiring a decent rate first starts with good credit scores. For example: XO Dealership is offering lease specials for a luxury car at $319.00 a month for 36 months with a $2750.00 down payment or 2.99% APR for 36 months if you purchase the car, these two incentives are based upon 700 plus credit scores. If your credit scores are below 700, you may want to fine-tune your credit so you can place yourself in higher financing tiers which provide credit incentives and lower interest rates. In other words, the lower the credit scores, the higher the interest rate you will pay and a larger down payment, the higher the credit scores, the more financing incentives you get. Here is another good example:  You have a few credit cards that you would like to consolidate, XO Bank is offering 0% interest for 12 months if you transfer your balances to them. Your application was declined because the bank required credit scores above 700, your credit scores are in the mid-600s, which still isn’t bad, however you are shopping for credit incentives. If you’re shopping for credit incentives your credit scores need to be in the 700s and more.  We have numerous clients who were in the 600 plus credit scores who wanted to boost their credit scores in the 700s. In addition, we have clients who were in the low 700s who wanted to boost their credit scores in the high 700s and 800 plus credit scores.

Just Ask

Restoring credit is not just for bad credit; it is also for fine tuning and enhancing your overall credit. When selecting a credit restoration company, make sure you do not:

  • Purchase DIY Repair Kits
  • Enroll in Computerized-Generic credit repair systems that you typically see online

Every individual has different credit circumstances; you cannot have the same credit solution for all. Our credit restoration process is hands-on, thorough and never scanned into a software system that will spit out your credit disputes. Just ask our past clients, they will be glad to tell you how Credit Consulting Professionals Inc. (the other half of this marketplace) thoroughly works with their clients.

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