Alternative Commercial Real Estate Loans for Southwest Florida

Alternative Commercial Real Estate Loans for South FloridaMore business owners and commercial real estate investors are challenged with today’s lending restrictions.  Alternative commercial real estate financing is not commercial hard money. Opting into an alternative commercial real estate loan with a conservative rate is not a bad option if you were declined by your local bank, even if you have good credit and a good down payment. The bank may not  have liked the property type you were purchasing or refinancing.  Not only are there more credit restrictions for commercial real estate financing but also restrictions for the type of commercial property.

Commercial Hard Money Alternatives

Commercial hard money doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; indeed it is a higher interest rate than a conventional commercial real estate loan. Consider commercial hard money financing as bridge between two gaps, point A being the starting line, and point B being the exit strategy out of your commercial hard money loan.  In other words, your commercial hard money loan is  a short term loan until you find permanent financing for the “end loan” or simply sell your commercial property. Business owners and commercial real estate investors elect commercial hard money for one of the following criteria:

  • Unique Property Type
  • Personal Credit issues, past, present or both
  • Distressed Commercial Property
  • Exiting out of a distressed commercial real estate loan

South Florida commercial real estate properties such as apartment complexes, mixed use, standalone retail stores, medical buildings, shopping plazas and etc. need alternative commercial real estate loans.

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