In Demand Non Traditional Financing Sources: SBA Alternative and Commercial Hard Money

In Demand Non Traditional Financing Sources: SBA Alternative and Commercial Hard Money

If you’re a business owner or real estate investor, you already know that traditional financing can be quite challenging to obtain for your business.  Why not “go outside the box” and source business loan alternatives for your business and your commercial real estate ?

Advantages of Our SBA Alternative

SBA 7(a) is your alternative financing source for your business and commercial property, owner user of course.

SBA 7(a) offers:

  • Credit scores as low as 620
  • Flexible underwriting, “make sense” underwriting approach
  • Loan amounts starting at $750,000 – $5,000,000 (lower loan amounts are case by case)
  • Loan to values start from 80 LTV to 90 LTV

 Types of Transactions SBA 7(a) Finances

  • Business Expansion
  • Projects that have single use properties
  • Small Business Acquisitions
  • Start-ups (this transaction requires good credit scores and borrower’s experience)

 Types of Industries SBA 7(a) likes to Finance:

  • Doctors
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Professional Practices (Exclude Financial Institutions)
  • Retail

Hard-Money is not a Four Letter Term

If you’re not qualified for an SBA Alternative and have a commercial real estate property that is in need of financing, try commercial hard money. Commercial hard money sounds so expensive doesn’t it, but that’s not the case. Each hard money transaction cannot be treated the same, commercial hard money transactions are unique and each submission have different components to determine the interest rate and the loan to value. Commercial Hard Money is short term; basically it’s a bridge between the gap of traditional financing and your commercial real estate.  Let’s name some commercial real estate projects our commercial hard money lenders like to collateralize:

  • Apartments (5 units and up)
  • Fractured Condos
  • Mixed use
  • Non-Owner User
  • Owner-User
  • Pre-foreclosure

The trend is rising, less traditional financing approvals equals more demand for alternative financing.

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