Apartment Loans…Multifamily Loans…Fractured Condos Loan Options Made Easy for You!

Apartment Loans…Multifamily Loans…Fractured Condos Loan Options Made Easy for You!

Seasoned real estate investors are purchasing more and more apartment complexes. Media, strategic defaults, and the current real estate market are attracting renters and previous homeowners alike, resulting in “generation rent”.  For that reason, seasoned real estate investors are investing heavily in apartment complexes, multifamiles and fractured condos.

Investors and Beginners

Lenders prefer seasoned real estate investors, with proven results on their ROIs. If you’re a beginner, you will be required to have great credit, a larger down payment, a high occupancy rate of 75% or more, and a conservative debt service ratio. A minimum of $250,000 and up is required for your apartment loan request, we choose to broker apartment loans in these areas:

Chicago, IL  North Shore and surrounding areas

• Collier County: Naples FL and Marco Island FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Pompano Beach, Hollywood FL, Broward County and surrounding areas

• Lee County: Bonita Springs FL, Estero FL and Fort Myers FL, Cape Coral

Miami FL, North Miami Beach FL, Dade County and surrounding areas

• Palm Beach County:, Boca Raton FL, Jupiter FL, North Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach FL and surrounding areas

Not All Fractured Condos are Created Equal

Apartment Loans…Multifamily Loans… Fractured Condos Loan Options Made Easy for You!

Fractured condos are not for every real estate investor, especially if you’re a beginner in investing into an apartment building, investing in fractured condos may not be the best move for you. Not all fractured condo projects are good investments, as an investor, you must analyze the demographics of that area and also your profit margins. Select a smart realtor that specializes in commercial apartment buildings, they are an asset for your fractured condos investment.

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