Alternative Funding for Business Owners

Alternative Funding for Business Owners

With more credit crunches in 2014, more small businesses are opting to alternative business lending. If you’re seeking a short term alternative business loan, look no further. A micro business loan maybe a perfect fit for your business. A micro business loan is different from a merchant cash advance and purchase order financing, this type of loan is based on your cash flow. Good cash flow equals funding this quick and easy micro business loan in less than seven business days.  How about the rate? The rate is lower than some business credit cards and some personal credit cards but more expensive than your local bank’s business loan.

Why Need a Micro Business Loan?

If you are seeking a short term business loan, with a loan amount less than $200,000 and don’t want the hassle with all that paperwork and long turn times, this loan may work for your business. This program also works for business owners who need to fine tune their personal credit and business credit for future traditional business financing. For Example: Our client wanted to remodel his restaurant; he did not want to extend any business debt too long. Our client elected a micro business loan with a 12 month term and a loan amount of $45,000. Our client was pleased that he received funding for his business in less than seven business days and was immediately ready to start his remodel project for his restaurant.

Small business owners, start 2014 right by selecting a micro business loan.

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