Three Super Quick Credit Card Tips during the Holiday Season

Three Super Quick Credit Card Tips during the Holiday SeasonChristmas is one of the most beautiful holidays. Seeing awesome displays and specials, one is tempted to purchase, even if you don’t need it.  Here are three super quick tips to help your credit during the holiday season

When you apply for a department store credit card, the credit inquiry they pull will affect your credit score by at least 3-5 points for each department store inquiry, the other department store inquires after your first will also continue to bring your credit scores down. Unless it’s a great offer, don’t apply for numerous department store cards during the holiday season.

Use the rule the “Need to Have” than the “Want to Have” during the holiday season.

Watch your credit limits during the holiday season, do not exceed your credit card limits or max out your credit cards, it will negatively impact your credit scores.

I wish all my clients, affiliates and friends Happy Hanukkah and a Very Merry Christmas!

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