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Credit Repair Services

Your credit affects every part of your financial abilities.  Bad credit not only affects your ability to get a loan, it also increases your rate on car insurance and increases the uncertainty of a job application. The average American with less than perfect credit spends an extra 40-50% a month in higher interest rates.

Credit has never been so important, especially with today’s lending restrictions, it almost impossible to get approved for a home loan or auto loan, unless you have decent credit.

Credit is the Key to Your Financial Success and the Foundation of Your Financial Stability

If you think investing in credit repair is a waste of time, think again. With bad credit, you are spending more monies on higher interest rates, higher car insurance rates, the uncertainties of  job applications, and a larger deposit for renting.

Are you intending to rent with bad credit?  The landlord or management companies now have credit score restrictions due to the real estate crisis. You’re better off positioning yourself in purchasing a home and taking advantage of the current interest rates and affordable housing prices than becoming a permanent tenant.

 Credit Repair ServicesGet A fresh Start by Repairing Your Credit!

Starting over starts with repairing your credit and establishing a new budget for you to be a homeowner or become a homeowner again.

Your choice – keeping your bad credit and spending thousands of more dollars on higher interest rates and larger down payments for renting or start fresh with repairing your credit, settling your debt and starting a new budget.

Customized Credit Repair Solutions Tailored for You!

For more information on how we can best fix your credit  and settle your debt, please fill out the online contact form about your concerns or give us a call at 855.477.9007.  Read what people have to say about First Pro Capital on our Testimonials page.

Allow our team of professionals to assist you!

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