Commercial Hard Money for Southwest Florida’s Distressed Properties

Commercial Hard Money for Southwest Florida’s Distressed Properties

Don’t think that obtaining commercial hard money is a desperate strategy for your distressed commercial real estate or unique property. Commercial hard money has tightened up as well as other lending programs that are available.  Back in the day, many presumed commercial hard money was just for bad credit applicants; this is not the case in today’s real estate market. Good credit applicants need commercial hard money for their commercial real estate projects too, and keeping your personal credit in good standing is the key to your financial success.  If you do have good credit and your local lender declines your commercial real estate loan application, now is the time to opt in to a commercial bridge loan.

Apartment Building Loans

Most local lenders will require parcels of the apartment complex to be contiguous; our hard money lenders will not require the parcels to be contiguous.

Fractured Condos

Local lenders will not lend on “broken condos”, our lenders will.

Mixed Use Properties

With lending tightening up, local banks prefer not to lend on mixed use properties

Foreclosing on Commercial Property

If your property is in its early or mid-stages of foreclosure or if your property is upside down in value, do not panic; check out your options with a commercial hard money loan.  Consult with your real estate attorney before you start shopping for a commercial bridge loan.

Smart investors know a good investment, the ROI versus the interest rate is far more important than shopping for the lowest conventional rate possible. Time is money, there is not much time while there is a good commercial real estate investment pending. What are more important are your ROI, your exit strategy and closing your valuable real estate investment.

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