Benefits of an Alternative Business Loan

Benefits of an Alternative Business Loan

If you’re having problems getting a traditional business loan from your local bank, it may not be a bad idea to explore alternative business lending. Did you not get approved for your business loan because of your personal credit and business credit? As a business owner, here is what you can do:

  1. Repair your personal credit and business credit and then re-apply for a traditional retail business loan at your local bank.
  2. If you need immediate cash for your expansion, project or an IRS lien before restoring your personal credit and business credit, make sure the alternative business loan does not have any pre-payment penalties. If you have credit issues, this strategy gives you time to fix your personal credit and business credit

What type of Alternative Business Loan Will Work for My Business?

Believe it or not some alternative business lines of credit start as low as 4.99%, that depends on the overall application of the business, which includes factors like your personal credit, your business credit score, and your debt service ratio, the best advantage to this type of loan is that it does not have a pre-payment penalty.

If you applied for a small business loan in the amount of $50,000 or less at your local bank and did not get approved, then I would suggest a merchant cash advance or again an alternative small business line of credit. Again, these types of loans will give you time to fix your personal credit and business credit score , later refinance out of the alternative business loan with your local bank

What Rules do Alternative Business Lenders have versus Traditional Banks?

A good alternative business lender is more flexible with credit and a company’s debt service ratio. An alternative business lender will close your loan in 10 business days or less. A traditional bank loan is long term, they will provide you with better rates and terms as long as your credit and debt service ratio meets their guidelines. A traditional retail business lender will close your business loan within 30 plus business days. With both alternative business lending and traditional retail lending, credit and cash flow are key.


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