To Credit or not to Credit is the Question…

To Credit or not to Credit is the Question…

Welcome to 2013, expect changes obtaining new credit.  The Fiscal Cliff negotiation is just another bandage on our economy, in fact, we have too many of them, and some eventually will not work and fall off.  As a result, expect more credit crunches and lending restrictions throughout 2013.  We believe there will be another recession right around the corner, worse than the previous one, here’s why:

  1. The real unemployment rate, not the unemployment rate that Washington says it is
  2. The National Debt
  3. Devaluing the U. S. Dollar (Ask Bernanke why is he spending millions of dollars per month on junk mortgage backed securities?)
  4. The Shadow Foreclosure Inventory
  5. The Beginning of Hyperinflation (Gas prices and utilities are the first indicators of hyperinflation)
  6. Food Stamp Usage: 1 in 6.7 people are on food stamps in the United States. That’s 15.0% of people living in America are on food assistance
  7. More Taxes, who is else is going to pay for Washington’s spending?

We’re not gloom and doomers, we like to keep it real, there is no sense of hiding truthful information from our clients. Keeping your personal credit and your business credit in tip-top shape is more important than ever before. If you’re considering purchasing a car, home, business, apartment building, a second home or investment property, purchase now. The longer you wait, the harder it will get to obtain new credit.  Clients that have 680 credit scores are currently enrolled in our customized credit repair program, because they were recently turned down for credit. It is happening, credit crunching.

 If your credit is in question, consult with us, the consultation is free!

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