The “real” Real Estate Investor vs. the “Wannabe” Real Estate Investor

Wannabe Real Estate Investor
7 differences between the “real” real estate investor versus the “wannabe” real estate investor….

The real real estate investor has:

  1. a seasoned background of buying and selling real estate
  2. an “exit strategy” or “buy and hold” strategy before they seek financing
  3. an executed purchase agreement
  4. an executive summary and a copy of their most recent credit report
  5. a copy of their current personal and business financials
  6. a professional real estate agent that specializes in apartments, multifamily, mixed use or any other type of investment properties, that is working on investor’s behalf
  7. funds for down payment and projected their cash to close amount prior to spinning anyone else’s wheels

The Wannabe real estate Investor has:

  1. no down payment
  2. doesn’t have any idea what the term “exit strategy” or “buy and hold” means
  3. seeks assistance but never produces the documentation requested
  4. contacted loan brokers off the Google search engine and picks every loan broker’s brain about how to structure their wannabe investment
  5. no real estate agent that specializes in apartments, multifamily, mixed- use or any other type of investment property
  6. no good credit
  7. a foreclosure or foreclosures on their credit report because their wannabe investor strategies didn’t work in the past either

After reading this post, the real real estate investor will contact First Pro Capital for their apartment-multifamily financing needs, the wannabe real estate investor will probably not.

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