Fixing Your Credit is as Sweet as Honey

More clients are requesting to start our credit restoration services. Two clients who just completed our credit restoration process, one is purchasing a home and the other client is refinancing his business. It has been a sweet success for our clients to overcome their personal credit and business credit obstacles; it’s awesome to watch the […]

Some FAQs and Answers about Credit Restoration

Q. Why should I invest in credit restoration services when some credit advisors say “you can fix your credit on your own.”? A. Not everyone needs to hire a credit restoration company. Sometimes a free credit consultation is all a consumer needs. If you are thinking about restoring your credit, our recommendation is to go […]

Reviving Your Credit after a Short Sale

A number of our past clients have short sold their primary residences, second homes, their non-performing investment properties, and their commercial real estate properties. Trimming your financial landscape and downsizing your debt is not a bad exit strategy. Our past clients who have short sold are ready to repurchase another home, investment property or refinance their existing […]

Having Good Credit Scores has Its Perks

More credit crunches are right around the corner. Just because real estate prices are going up, doesn’t mean this economy is in full recovery, in fact, that’s a sign of inflation. Home prices are still a bargain, though you need good credit to finance a home, business, car, personal loan and etc. Getting the Perks […]

Keep Calm and Fix Your Credit

 Our forte is restoring credit, negotiating debt, helping business owners with alternative business finance and alternative commercial lending, all in one marketplace.  If you’re still on the fence about restoring your credit, allow us to explain why you should restore it now: Keep Calm: Every single customer’s file is hands on and manually processed, unlike the […]

Four C’s of Credit Repair

It’s common to take some type of C supplements, as well, there are four C’s to supplement your credit repair program. Control Going over your credit card limits impacts your credit scores.  Keep your credit card balances 35% or under your credit limit will provide you the maximum advantage of boosting your scores.  Also, you […]

Keeping Bad Credit Costs You More than Good Credit

All too often consumers get misled about why they shouldn’t hire credit repair companies; as a result, most people will keep their bad credit. It’s true, generic computerized versions and do it yourself credit repair kits don’t work.  We offer a free step by step process on how to improve your credit on your own, only […]

7 Monthly Expenses that are affected by Bad Credit

Are you still procrastinating on restoring your credit? Did you know that it is more expensive to carry bad credit than restoring and maintaining good credit? Are you overspending because of your bad credit? Are you carrying that double digit interest rate on your car note because of your bad credit? If you have answered […]

6 Ways to Win a Better Credit Score

Whether you’re a millionaire, upper middle class, white collar, blue collar or middle class, everyone needs to maintain good credit.  Utilize the following six ways to instantly win a better credit score: Check your credit report:  Go to  Always check your credit, just in case there maybe some erroneous reporting with your creditors. If […]

How Worthy is Your Personal Credit and How Can You Improve Your Credit?

“Credit is a contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at a later date, thereby generating a debt.” (Source: & Consumer Credit is Personal Credit Personal Credit includes: credit cards, installment loans, home equity loans, mortgages and auto loans. Your credit history is […]

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