3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Credit Scores

Need a super quick boost to increase your credit scores? These three quick and easy tips will help you improve your credit scores rapidly. Experian Boost  Experian Boost is free, simply go to Experian and enroll for a free account. Once you are enrolled, you can access Experian Boost. At no charge, you may add […]

Having Good Credit Scores has Its Perks

More credit crunches are right around the corner. Just because real estate prices are going up, doesn’t mean this economy is in full recovery, in fact, that’s a sign of inflation. Home prices are still a bargain, though you need good credit to finance a home, business, car, personal loan and etc. Getting the Perks […]

Keeping Your Personal Credit and Personal Debt Real Simple

Managing your credit and debt is the foundation to your financial success. No matter what the circumstances are, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping Your Personal Credit Simple Example: A client of ours is a business owner who wanted to fine tune his credit for a small business loan. He is […]

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Credit and Personal Credit Scores

Your personal credit is your tangible asset for life. Your personal credit is a factor in making a sound underwriting decision for a business loan. Keeping your personal credit separate from your business credit is the foundation of a sound business.  Six Quick Tips to Improve your Business Credit Score: Pay your suppliers and vendors on time […]

Keeping Bad Credit Costs You More than Good Credit

All too often consumers get misled about why they shouldn’t hire credit repair companies; as a result, most people will keep their bad credit. It’s true, generic computerized versions and do it yourself credit repair kits don’t work.  We offer a free step by step process on how to improve your credit on your own, only […]

6 Ways to Win a Better Credit Score

Whether you’re a millionaire, upper middle class, white collar, blue collar or middle class, everyone needs to maintain good credit.  Utilize the following six ways to instantly win a better credit score: Check your credit report:  Go to www.Equifax.com  Always check your credit, just in case there maybe some erroneous reporting with your creditors. If […]

Your Credit Score Evaluation

Understanding your credit scores is the key to your success with restoring your credit and obtaining good credit. How is your credit evaluation? Impeccable credit? Excellent credit? Good credit? Fair credit? Poor credit? Some consumers have excellent credit scores with minor blemishes, but want to exceed the 800 plus score mark. Kudos to individuals who […]

Preparing Yourself for Home Buying – 5 Easy Steps

With interest rates low, large foreclosure and short-sale inventories, first-time home buyers and the financially recovered homeowners have made the decision to get into the real estate market. If home ownership is finally within your means, keep in mind these five simple steps of home buying. 1. Do Your Diligence: Use the Internet to learn […]

10 Simple Credit Do’s and Don’ts

  Consumers may be rejected for loans or jobs based on erroneous credit reporting. In a recent study, 79 percent of credit reports reviewed contained serious errors or other inaccuracies in regard to a credit trade line and personal information. Did you know, the national average credit score for those with a severely delinquent mortgage account was 599 […]

8 Credit Score Myths

Your credit scores are one of the most critical pieces of your financial life. Whether it’s a utility company, car dealership, auto insurance, business loan, home loan, landlord or employer, they all utilize your credit scores as a factor for credit risk. How valuable is your credit score? First and foremost, bad credit can cost you […]

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