Four C’s of Credit Repair

It’s common to take some type of C suppliments, as well, there are four C’s to suppliment your credit repair program. Control Going over your credit card limits impacts your credit scores.  Keep your credit card balances under 50% of your credit limit.  Also, you must stay current with all your accounts during the credit restoration process; otherwise, […]

“Life after Bankruptcy!” – 3 Simple Recovery Steps

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire, millionaire, upper-middle class or blue collar.  Bankruptcy doesn’t separate any working class. You may have had a job loss, a decrease of income from your current employer, a divorce, a medical emergency that changed your life forever, a bad business partner or bad real estate investments; […]

Your Credit Score Evaluation

Understanding your credit scores is the key to your success with restoring your credit and obtaining good credit. How is your credit evaluation? Impeccable credit? Excellent credit? Good credit? Fair credit? Poor credit? Some consumers have excellent credit scores with minor blemishes, but want to exceed the 800 plus score mark. Kudos to individuals who […]

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