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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Credit Scores

Need a super quick boost to increase your credit scores? These three quick and easy tips will help you improve your credit scores rapidly. Experian Boost  Experian Boost is free, simply go to Experian and enroll for a free account. Once you are enrolled, you can access Experian Boost. At no charge, you may add […]

A Simple Need to Have Good Credit

After 60 days in our credit restoration process, our client decided to purchase a new car since his new middle credit score is 660, he began with a middle credit score of 564. For some, this 660 middle credit score is nothing to brag about, though, his new and improved credit and credit scores opened […]

5 Misconceptions about Credit Repair

If restoring your credit is your priority, do your homework about credit repair companies. Since the internet is so large and diverse, many online companies can mislead you about the “real” credit restoration process. If an agency gives you a sale pitch that 100% of your derogatories will be removed, that statement is false. Only […]

Your Credit Score Evaluation

Understanding your credit scores is the key to your success with restoring your credit and obtaining good credit. How is your credit evaluation? Impeccable credit? Excellent credit? Good credit? Fair credit? Poor credit? Some consumers have excellent credit scores with minor blemishes, but want to exceed the 800 plus score mark. Kudos to individuals who […]

10 Simple Credit Do’s and Don’ts

  Consumers may be rejected for loans or jobs based on erroneous credit reporting. In a recent study, 79 percent of credit reports reviewed contained serious errors or other inaccuracies in regard to a credit trade line and personal information. Did you know, the national average credit score for those with a severely delinquent mortgage account was 599 […]

How to Avoid Business Identity Theft

  Business identity theft is worse than individual identity theft. Why? Because the business (the victim) to consumer (the other victim of the crime) relationship will forever be unsettled. Do you actually think the customer will do business with you again after their personal information was stolen from your business? The internet is simple accessibility […]

Your Credit is Your Report Card for Everything

Take Warren Buffet’s advice, owning a home is better than renting one. In this market, even renting a home requires good credit. If you have good credit, why not own a home? Your credit scores are viewed constantly, like a report card in everyday life. I have summarized six important topics of obtaining and retaining […]

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