How to Avoid Business Identity Theft

 How to Avoid Business Identity Theft

Business identity theft is worse than individual identity theft. Why? Because the business (the victim) to consumer (the other victim of the crime) relationship will forever be unsettled. Do you actually think the customer will do business with you again after their personal information was stolen from your business?

The internet is simple accessibility to computer crimes. Computer Criminals have the intent to take away your good name, such as your logo, your contacts, and manipulating your business practices. According to Business Week, approximately 25% of small business owners are more likely to be victims of identity theft.

Here are some tips for safeguarding your business:

The best Internet tool to monitor your business is to Google your name everyday. Yes, Google yourself and your company everyday. If you have located a spam cache, Google has two tools, Webmaster Removal Tool and Google’s Report Spam link, also located in the Webmaster Tools.

  • Once you Google your business or name, always check the businesses address and recipient of the address.
  • Make a police report to your local police department, if your small business is a victim of business identity theft or if someone trying to impersonate your business on the Internet.
  • Always check your credit report at for any new inquiries or new credit trade lines. Truecredit is owned by Transunion.
  • Check your computer for “key logging” software
  • Run spyware, check firewalls and clean your computer everyday
  • Always change your passwords
  • Avoid file sharing
  • Never write too much about your personal life on social media sites. We are here to advertise, however, be careful what you are writing, you don’t know who’s reading your content
  • Keep your personal information personal; have your name removed off of every people search site
  • Use a paper shredder for your client’s personal information that is not paperless. Also, paper shred all your incoming mail. Go Paperless
  • If your business accepts credit cards, check the device for “skimming,” some of your employees can download the “skimming” program onto your credit card terminal

For more detailed information on safeguarding your business identity, go to Experian Business

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