Credit Scores

Your Credit Score

Your Credit Scores are:

A Fast Risk Assessment Tool

Credit data alone can make assessing risk a cumbersome process. Using credit scores can drastically cut the time to assess lending risk

A Composite to Quick Loan Decisions

Many loan programs are granted based on credit risk scores which make loan decisions occur in a fraction of the time

Part of any Underwriting Criteria

Lending guidelines now rely heavily on scoring products. Many automated underwriting systems use score cutoffs as a primary lending criteria.

What Determines a FICO Score?

  • 35% of your credit score is based upon your credit history
  • 30% percent of your credit score is based on the amount you owe
  • 15% of your credit is made up of the length of your credit history
  • 15% of your credit score is made up of the types of credit you use
  • 10% of your credit score is determined by new credit

Your Credit Score Evaluation:

  • 800-900 Credit Scores: Impeccable Credit
  • 700-790 Credit Scores: Excellent Credit
  • 650-690 Credit Scores: Good Credit
  • 600-640 Credit Scores: Fair Credit
  • Under 600 Credit Scores: Poor Credit

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