5 Tips to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Tough times equal mo5 Tips to Prevent Online Identity Theftre crimes, including the internet. If you’re shopping online to get the best rate for car insurance, mortgage, or auto loan, proceed with caution. There are more computer intellects that use their intellect by wrong means; aka hackers, are causing massive internet crimes and excessive online identity theft. It’s possible to expose your personal information to an internet hacker who hacked into an online platform for mortgage shoppers, insurance shoppers and loan shoppers. Here are five quick tips to help prevent online identity theft: 

When providing your financial information online for a loan, make sure the URL starts with https:// and with a closed security lock icon. Know about the company that you are applying for credit, if you do not know them, don’t apply. It’s best referred to a lending institution or insurance company directly by a friend, family member, attorney, CPA, real estate agent or wealth advisor.

Don’t respond to spam email from an unfamiliar company that requests you to apply online. Call the company directly, and do your diligence about their online and offline reputation.

Install a high end internet security system that will check whether or not a website is safe. A high end security system runs as soon as you turn on your computer and automatically shuts down when you turn off your computer. Spend more on a high quality internet security system, its well worth the investment

Enroll in a credit monitoring program with Equifax or Truecredit.com; they will notify you if there has been suspicious activity on your credit. Some credit card companies like Discover have “over the limit” alerts.

If you have a POP3 or IMAP email account, adjust your anti-spam to the recommended level that your service provider suggests. Do not go below the recommended number for anti-spam, you may jeopardize your personal information if you go below your service provider’s recommended level.

It’s always best to get referred to a financial institution by a friend, family, CPA, attorney, wealth manager and real estate agent. If you don’t have time to get referred to a lender or broker, make time, your credit and identity are well worth safe keeping. 95% of First Pro Capital Inc. and Credit Consulting Professionals Inc. clients are derived from referrals.

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